Monday, December 12, 2011

Creston Valley Meats

Last Wednesday, I spent an hour driving to South San Francisco to pick up my order, but only to learn that they weren't able to book a hotel, so they are coming the next day instead. The guy who answered my phone call said they were suppose to call me, but "somehow they didn't get my invoice" and "it's not his fault". Not your fault my xxx! You mailed me the invoice the day before with my email address and two phone numbers listed on it. I also followed you on twitter and you didn't even bother mentioning it. I'm usually pretty forgiving when it comes to human errors or accidents, but that "it's not my fault" just crossed the line. You just lost a customer FOREVER!

Sorry Maya, mommy failed again on getting that green tripe for you...

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Vet Visit

Maya and I went to the vet yesterday for her adult DA2PP and rabies vaccinations. While we were there, I also asked the doctor to help express her anal sacs, as she seemed to be bothered by her butt a lot lately. The visit went by pretty smoothly. Maya took her two shots like a champ and only yelped a bit when the doctor poked her butt. 

We also discussed a bit about Maya's allergies situations. The doctor thinks it's good progress that we were able to lower her dosage to about twice a week and she even suggested us to stop for a while when things are more stable. I asked if we can do an allergy blood test there, but unfortunately they don't provide that type of service, so we might still need to go back to the super expensive dermatologist. The allergy test might not be necessary, but I kind of want to do it just to be sure what's causing Maya's allergies. 

I'm grateful that Maya really enjoys going to the vet. Maybe because we live right across the street from it and Maya gets to see all the dogs coming in and out of the place through our window everyday. To her, it might be like a doggie Disneyland, which she long desires. Even though every time she ended up with a few shots, some weird stuff going in her nose or her butt poked, she still adores the place. I was afraid that she'll stop loving the place after her spay operation, but seems like there hasn't be any negative effects at all. What a silly little girl. Let's hope it stays this way!

Maya's 2nd vet visit when she's around 4 months old