Monday, October 21, 2013

Monthly Expenses: September 2013

September 2013
  • Food: $81
  • Supplements: $99
  • Toys: $5
  • Treats & Chews: $21
  • Vet & Medical: $13
  • Training: $150
  • Grooming: $45
TOTAL: $360
YTD TOTAL: $2,942


This month for Maya's food, we got some green tripe, beef grind, veggies, and yogurt.


For supplements, we got some Chinese medicine, vitamins, seacure, and probiotics.


I wasn't really planning to get her any toys, but I had to return a ear flush that didn't work well for her. I went back to store after the 30 days return period and ended up with a store credit, so I got her some squeaky balls. They helped kept her mind off her itchiness for like 30 minutes, then they joined the big basket of toys she has no interest in.

Treats & Chews

The second half of the store credit from returning the ear flush got spent on some Moo Tubes. At first she wasn't sure how to eat them, but once she figured them out, they are no "long lasting chews" anymore. She also got some beef treats from the pet store.


For training, we had a private training session with a behaviorist to discuss Maya's issues when greeting other dogs.


On those lazy days when we don't want to get ourselves all wet, we give Maya a bath at the DIY dog wash in Pet Food Express. We purchased the buy 3 get 1 free package.