Thursday, October 13, 2011

Homemade Raw - Week 1

The Plan:
  • Start Date: 10/7/2011
  • New Ingredients: Chicken Feet, Chicken Wings, Chicken Thighs
  • New Supplements: Vitamin E, Vitamin C
  • Meal 1: Continue feeding Nature's Variety's lamb with some Primal sardine grind
  • Meal 2: Gradually switch to feeding raw chicken

Day 1: Was only planning to give her a chicken foot as snack, but daddy couldn't resist and gave her a chicken wing as well. She ate the foot pieces by pieces, but swallowed the wing in whole after breaking the bones. Kind of scary. Started to add vitamin E to her breakfast.

Day 2: Since we already gave her that much on day 1, my "switch gradually" plan kind of ended there. Gave her 2 feet plus 1 wing for dinner.

Day 3: Poop was half really firm and half really soft. Gave her a chicken thigh for dinner. She kind of swallowed the whole piece again. Asked on Dogster if this is normal, and everyone seems to be think it's okey. 

Day 4: Refused to eat her breakfast. Took some premade lamb when fed by hand, but won't touch the sardine at all. Poop was firm inside but soft outside. For dinner, she got the remaining lamb patties from breakfast, a chicken wing and chicken foot. Also gave her 1/3 capsule of vitamin C.

Day 5: Removed sardine and just gave her the lamb patties. She's still not interested. Poop was still soft. Maybe the lamb is too rich for her? Had 2 chicken wings for dinner.

Day 6: Since she wasn't that interested in the lamb, I started to add some ground chicken to her breakfast. She finished the entire meal (including the lamb) in seconds. She followed me around as if she's still hungry, so I gave her some sardine mix. She ate a small bite, then turned her nose up again. What a picky girl! I guess she's really not that into fish (except the super pricy sashimi daddy secretly slips under the table when I'm not watching). Dinner: chicken thigh. She seems to be chew on the meat a bit longer now. 

Day 7: Breakfast: 1 oz of ground chicken + 2 lamb patties. Gobbled all up in seconds. Added 1/2 capsule of vitamin C to her chicken, and she doesn't seem to mind it. Dinner: 1 chicken foot + 1 chicken wing. Her poop is still very soft and stinky. 

  • She likes raw chicken
  • She doesn't like fish/sardine
  • Poop still soft
  • She's okey with vitamin E and C in her food

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