Monday, January 9, 2012

Maya in Seattle

Although the weather wasn't perfect, we did manage to take Maya out for some activities during our one week stay.  Seattle (and surrounding areas) has lots of greenland and great scenery, if only it could rain a bit less. Note to self: bring some towels next time. Baby wipes just aren't enough when handling muddy paws.  

Rattlesnake Ledge

Rattlesnake Ledge is a nice hiking trail that allows dogs off-leash. We let Maya run loose for a while, but the road is kind of steep and has lots of zig-zags, so we kept loosing sight of her and had to call her name every ten seconds. We realized that it might be annoying for other people who were enjoying the quiet woods, so we ended up leashing her for most of the hike. The entire trip takes about 3 hours, and the view on top of the hill is superb.


Warren G. Magnuson Park

Before heading back to the Bay Area, the weather finally cleared up for a short while, so we decided to take Maya to a dog park to unleash some energy before the flight. We found this park on Yelp, and after reading a reviewer saying it's a "doggie's Disneyland", we just had to check it out ourselves. This place is HUGE! It's the biggest fenced-in dog park we've ever been to, and it even has a separated area with access to the lake. It was packed when we got there, as if all the dogs in the area all came out as soon as the rain stopped.

Pike Place Market

This isn't really the ideal place to bring a dog because most buildings and stores don't allow pets, but we brought Maya with us anyways. Maya has always been a fan of crowded areas where she can get lots of attention and compliments, so this was like heaven for her. She had a great time there greeting everyone and sniffing all the different smells from the food venders nearby. We should have used her "easy walk" harness though, as she was pulling non-stop during the walk. This place was just too fun and exciting for her.


  1. Too bad I didn't see this earlier or we could meet up somewhere. Maybe next time!

  2. @DogNewbie: That'll be great. We'll probably be there often, as a good friend of ours just moved there and got a super big house. :D

  3. Do let us know the next time you will be in the area. Lindsay and Pam are my usual partners in crime and we would love to meet Maya!