Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Life is Good Without a Cone

It's been a while since my last update on Maya's allergies. Overall, she's been doing better and her wounds have been healing. However, the itchiness never really went away, and a few areas on her muzzle still remain bald due to her occasional scratching. She also still chews on her feet, which I really don't know whether is because of itchiness or just boredom. Here are some photos to show the improvements over the weeks:

For her diet, she's mainly on the Honest Kitchen Zeal for breakfast and some turkey or duck bone-in raw meat for dinner. I really want to switch her back to full raw, but every time I give her raw beef, she seems to get itchier in the following days. It would really suck if she's allergic to beef, since I have a whole freezer full of beef organs, tripe and meat. It'll also be hard to find the variety, if we want to stay away from both beef and chicken.

Enjoying a cone-free nap

Maya also seems to do better when we avoid our local park, which sucks as well. No walks in the park means she'll have to go potty in other people's yards or in front of office buildings. I had some bad experience being scolded by neighbors when Maya was a puppy, so it aways makes me a bit uncomfortable when Maya goes potty. (It was my fault for lingering at the same house for too long, but Maya didn't know how to walk on a leash back then.) I try not to stay on the same property for more than a few seconds and keep Maya on the grass areas between the street and the sidewalk, instead of the actual lawn. I would also walk away as soon as I see anyone. Sigh, walks shouldn't be this sneaky and stressful.

I'm also considering a new allergy treatment called "NAET", which I've been reading up on for a while. It sounds like voodoo at first, but the philosophy behind it kind of makes sense. I found a holistic vet in the area that does this type of treatment and had been exchanging emails with her. Since she only does house visits and we are slightly out of her service zone, I may have to met her at a friend's house. It will be expensive, so I really wish this will work...  

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