Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Monthly Expenses: November 2012

This is a long overdue post... Let's get it out of the way before this month is over.

November 2012
  • Food: $96
  • Treats & Chews: $14
  • Accessories: $11
TOTAL: $121
YTD TOTAL: $6,240


I found a good deal online for a 10 lb. box of the Honest Kitchen Zeal with yet another one of those "for first time customers only" discounts. Let's see if I'll ever run out of new online retailers to try.

Treats & Chews

I got another bag of "Sam's Yams Veggie Rawhide". Even though last time I was complaining that it's not long lasting enough, but it's still the best we can find so far if we want to stay way from beef.


Since I like Maya's Boomerang Tag so much, I decided to get her another one for her collar. This time I got the double-thick type so it's thick enough to fit on her leather collar. However, it ended up a bit too loose and would fall off when I unbuckle the collar. Despite that, I still like it a lot better than the tags that jingles on her neck.

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