Sunday, March 10, 2013


Spring is here... and Maya started to itch again. Sigh...

Just like the vet predicted, Maya's symptoms show up earlier and earlier each year. Last year, it started around mid-March, this year, it moved up to late-February. 

Most of the time we can still distract her when she's itching, but we can't watch her 24/7. Within a few days, she started to lose hair around her muzzle again. She is also still obsessed with licking/chewing her paws.

We started to avoid the park and let her do her business at the fake grass area in front of a office building. We also started to keep our windows closed. (It took me a while to convince Maya's daddy that we won't all die if we keep the windows closed.) Between those changes, a new jar of local honey and some diet adjustments (more on that later), it seems like she's been doing better for the past week. 

Ah, spring... don't know whether I should love it or hate it.

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  1. Urgh, these pollen are evil.. no good no good. Hope Maya has it under control.. Lucky it's four season in the State, at least it's not all sunny with pollen everywhere all year round.