Thursday, April 11, 2013

Trip to Taiwan and Maya's Stay with Caspian

My schedule had been crazy in the past few weeks with work. However, with all the craziness, we managed to squeeze in a trip back to Taiwan to attend my sister's wedding. The wedding was lovely and I'm so happy for her. If only the relatives can stop asking when's our turn...

Congratulations to my dear sister!

During our trip, Maya stayed with her doggy friend Caspian. Many thanks to Caspian's owners who took great care of her as her allergies started to act up. They also kept us posted with lots of pictures throughout the week. That sure made it a lot easier for us.

On our flight back to the US, we brought back some rescued dogs with us again. We thought nothing will surprise us after our last trip with 13 dogs, but we were so wrong. This time we brought back 22 dogs (16 crates). Besides almost doubling the amount, the dogs came from two different organizations that apparently hate each other. It was never my intention to mix two groups of people, but the 2nd group learned about my trip and asked for help, so I thought "why not?". They are all dog lovers after all, right? Oh well, I am still impressed by their devotion, but it does leave a bitter taste in the mouth. WHY CAN'T PEOPLE JUST GET ALONG!?

Aside from the mumbling from both groups, the check-in was quite smooth. We flew with China Airlines this time, since the pet transportation fee is much cheaper than Eva, but the seats were much smaller for the humans. After a long flight, the real challenge came when we had to deal with the porters at the airport. Maya's daddy kindly offered to pay for the tips this time, so with the limited amount of cash on us, we knew we had to be tough. After lots of bargaining and us almost rolling out the crates on our own, we finally agreed on a number. It is just ridiculous how they try to ripoff passengers since we don't have any other options. (No, we weren't being stingy, they still got a very generous tip. Much more than they deserve.)

Once we got out to the airport lobby, it was a bit chaotic. We were a bit late compare to last time, so all the adopt families had already arrived and were eager to meet there new members. It was great to see all the happy faces, especially on the children that came along, so despite the few unpleasantness, it's still a very rewarding experience. Something I'll definitely do again.

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  1. Why should there be hate between the rescue groups, eh? Sigh. And now I'm kind of nervous about the porters. ;)

    Hope you had lots of delicious wedding food in Taiwan! Mmm....