Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Monthly Expenses: May 2013

Whew... I'm finally back home from my week long business trip and have some time to finish this post. May has been a crazy month financial-wise. I guess the idea that I have a full time job has gradually sunk in and I have become more generous with myself the pup. Anyways, here's how I doubled my year-to-date expenses in a month:

May 2013
  • Food: $106
  • Treats & Chews: $20
  • Training: $436
  • Vet & Medical: $217
  • Accessories: $29
  • Supplements: $22
TOTAL: $830
YTD TOTAL: $1,565


We stopped by SFRaw and got some green tripe, duck wings and turkey grind. I didn't notice till I paid that they increased the non-member add-on fee from 15% to 30%. Now I have to seriously consider whether I should pay $80 for the annual membership or find other sources for Maya's raw meat.

Treats & Chews

For treats, I got a box of Salmon Ears as well as a bag of Real Meat Fish & Venison. I really like the quality of both treats and the simplicity of their ingredients. I also purchased some sweet potato, ground beef and canned sardine for the dehydrator.


Most of the expenses this month came from this category. We purchased a 10 classes pass and signed up for a 6-session Scent Workshop at Zoom Room Belmont.

I also got Maya a Fitpaws Peanut, which is a peanut shaped yoga ball. It's a good tool to help strengthen the core and legs while the dog try to balance on it. There are days when we are just too tired to exercise with her, and this is a nice way so burn some of her excess energy in the living room.

Vet & Medical

Aside from another visit with Dr. M, this month we also stocked up a year worth of Heartgard. I also order an allergy test from Glacier Peak Holistics (more on that later).


Under the accessories category, we got a shorter and lighter leash for training classes so that it won't get in the way when she needs to drag it.

I also got myself 3 coin pouches to hold Maya's treats. A friend told me she always carries some treats in her pockets when I complained about Maya's recall (she'll check if we have treats in our hands first). I had been looking for some nice containers for my pockets ever since, any these seems to be a cute fit.


For supplements, another dog owner recommended Phytogel from Tomer Labs for Maya's itchy feet. The gel has a bad taste and a warm sensation when applied. I do find Maya licking her feet a bit less, but the taste is still not strong enough to stop her. She also got a new bottle of coconut oil to add to her meals.


Others than the things listed above, there are a few things that are somewhat pet related but I decided to leave out. The first on is the dehydrator I bought to make Maya's treats. Even though we also use it to make snacks for the human, I don't think I would ever consider buying it if it weren't for Maya.

The other things I got are 4 under bed drawers from Ikea. Maya got into the habit of hiding under the bed which I really don't like. For one, it's one of the dirtiest place in the house and the dust definitely won't help with her allergies. And most importantly, I was always afraid the bed could collapse in the middle of the night and crush her under me. The thought of it could make me sleepless and there were really some nights I crawled out of bed to lure Maya out. It's good to have the peace of mind and some much needed storage space nonetheless.

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