Wednesday, July 3, 2013

We Survived June

I'm kind of afraid to say anything and jinx it...

Maya has been doing great in the past two weeks after we changed her diet following the result from Glacier Peak Allergy Test. She still scratches a few times a day, but comparing to the past two years or even this spring, the improvement is significant. 

7/1/2011, a few weeks after her first outbreak

7/2/2012, she was still on Atopica

Today (7/3//2013)
Today (7/3/2013)

She still has the habit of licking her feet, but the frequency does seem to be decreasing as she's less itchy. The new Mal-a-ket wipe I've been using also helps discourage licking and keep it dry between the toes.

I am really thrilled to see the big improvements, but somehow still worried that it's too good to be true and that everything can fall apart rather quickly. Paws crossed!

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