Monday, September 23, 2013

Cone Head

With Maya's new vet, new diet, and new Chinese medicine, we got through most the summer gracefully. Just when I thought it's about to be over, everything went downhill. In the past few weeks, the weather had been super hot for this time of the year around here and many owners told me their dogs were having allergy reactions or infested by fleas. I didn't find any fleas on Maya, but I believe she still got bitten and started to itch badly.

Yesterday, it finally got to the point where I can no longer distract her when she tries to scratch her face or lick her paws. I gave in and put the cone on. 

Somehow putting her in a cone seems to sadden me more than her. Comparing to the bandage wrap or doggy socks, she actually takes the cone much better. I just feel like all our efforts were in vain, and everything is back to how it was last year. Sigh... 

Nevertheless, yesterday I was finally able to sleep through the night without constantly waking up by the sound of her licking and scratching.

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