Monday, April 7, 2014

Go Away Ear Infection!

Ever since Maya had an ear infection in her right ear last August, it kept coming back again and again. I tried using the Panalog ointment her vet gave me and the Mal-a-Ket wipes, but the problem never really went away.


In December, she went through a round of antibiotics, which cleared the infection on her face, but shortly after she's off, I started to notice her tilting and shaking her head again. From her pictures, you can clearly see that one of her ears is bothering her.


During our last appointment with Dr. M a few weeks ago, she looked into her ear and said it's all swollen. She believes another round of antibiotics might be necessary, or it'll never clear up. But before going there, she suggested us to try out Zymox Otic Ear Solution.


According to the doctor and the product description, the solution includes some enzymes that "eats" the bacteria and yeast. After reading all the positive reviews, I decided to get a bottle right away.


I have to say, after trying so many products on Maya, I kind of got used to the disappointment when something doesn't work as well as other people claimed. Well, this is the first time I experienced something "magical"! She certainly wasn't pleased when I squeezed the fluid into her ears and made a mess with oily hair around her ears when she shook it out. But within a day, she stopped scratching her ear and tilting her head. I used it daily for one week, then twice a week ever since. Her ear is smelling much better and the color is getting close to the healthy one.


I really wish I knew about this sooner. It could have saved us lots of headache and maybe even the not-so-helpful trip to the vet. I'll definitely keep a bottle in hand from now on. Ear infection, please don't come back ever again!

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  1. Poor Maya! She's really having a bad time with that nasty infection. I hope she's doing well with that now. As for the allergies that you talked about on your more recent post, I'm with you in optimism in wishing that the treatment could finally improve her condition further. Keep safe and hale everyone, especially Maya!

    Priscilla Price @ The Pet Glider