Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Bad Behaviors

A few days ago, when we were in the elevator, Maya stuck her head in the grocery bag, smelling the meat, the fruit, the yummy Cheese cake. For a split second, I thought about stopping her. This is not a behavior I normally allow. Then I questioned myself. Spring allergies has been brutal and she has been so uncomfortable in the past two weeks. Why take away this little happiness?

I noticed I have been letting her get away with some mischief lately, especially when she's sick. When she's pulling on leash, she won't be sitting in the middle of the street scratching. When she's begging for food, she won't be noticing the tingling sensation on her butt. When she's chewing on my blanket, she won't be licking her own feet. I believe a dog deserves all the happiness in the world. If only I can figure out how.

We will be going to the dermatologist again next week. Hopefully, we will find better solutions this time. Wish us luck.

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