Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Skin Test Details

Since a few people asked about what was included in Maya's skin test. Here's a copy of the test results. There are quite a few 1s and 2s, but the vet said those are fine.

On the bright side, the patch of fur that got shaved off is growing back in. If I didn't mention it myself, no one actually noticed it.


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  2. My Shiba also started to have allergic skin conditions a few months ago, the veterinarian gave him this immunosuppressor to control the allergic reaction http://www.pisaagropecuaria.com.mx/inmufilt/
    together with baths every 10 days using Camille based natural shampoo and a new prescription diet from Science Hills Z/D for allergic conditions. Today he has almost completely recovered and scratches only a few times per day without breaking his skin anymore. Perhaps you can ask your vet about the inmufilt capsules and the dry food (Mine has liked it a lot). Hope your Shiba gets better!

    1. Inmufilt has the same ingredient as Atopica, which Maya is taking. We try to keep it at a minimum dosage when possible. Unfortunately, it may have some long term side effects, so a blood test regularly is also suggested.

      Does your Shiba have food allergies? If not, maybe no need for Science Hills, since the ingredients are not that good. Maya's allergies starts around the same time every year, so we are pretty sure it's not food related. We do try to keep her diet grain free, avoid a certain few proteins, and add probiotics/enzymes to her meals.

      I'll look into Camille based shampoo. We use "virbac allermyl", and it seems to give her some relief. However, nothing worked as effective as Atopica. Thanks for the suggestions.

      So glad your Shiba is no longer itchy. It is so not fun watching them suffer.