Thursday, May 24, 2012

Itch Itch Itch Itch Itch...

Sigh... Allergies just got a lot worse over the past few weeks. Due to the sudden temperature change, it seems like everyone's somehow suffering. Maya's daddy had been sneezing every morning and even I, who normally don't get affected by these things, have puffy eyes too.

As for poor Maya, she has been itching like crazy again. I gave in and put her back on Atopica, since I no longer was able to distract her when she's in scratching mode. So far I went from once every 3 days, to once every other day, to everyday, but still wasn't able to eliminate the itching. It's a bit more under control now, since I started to give her the meds with an empty stomach. (Which is what the doctor suggested, but when she started on the meds, she often throw up if not taken with food.)

Last week we took Maya to a relative's house and another guest brought her dog over as well. They decided to let the dogs out to play in the yard while we had dinner. I had a quick debate with myself about letting her out, knowing that it'll worsen her conditions, but felt it to be so unfair to keep a dog indoors when there's a big yard to run in and a doggie friend to play with. Maya did have a great time, but the consequences sure came with a vengeance.

It's just heart breaking watching her hurt herself and couldn't do anything about it. :'(

The big wound
(somehow she scratches this side much more often) 

The black eye
(the hair around the eye area got scratched off)

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  1. Oh, Maya's poor raccoon eyes... =(

    I am very scared about this summer. So far, Bowdu's got some pretty significant black patches on his "wrists" and "ankles" but he seems to be leaving his face alone. Still, definitely worse than last year. UGH! It's not fair that we can have such beautiful weather in the Bay Area, yet react so badly to the environment...