Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Self Service Dog Wash

This past Sunday, we took Maya to the beach for a playdate with Tachi (another Shiba Inu) and DonDon (our relative's Westie). Maya got super dirty running in and out of the water, so it's time for a bath.

Maya and Tachi

Super dirty Maya and DonDon in the background

We usually bathe Maya at home in our shower room, which usually involves a pup running around desperately and a human getting all wet. Since it's Memorial Day weekend, we decided to give ourselves a treat and took Maya to Pet Food Express to use their self service dog wash.

Overall, it's a pleasant experience for the humans. The raised tub, tie-downs, and aprons made it a lot easier for us. The choice of three different Earthbath's all natural shampoos are really nice too. We ended up getting the "buy 3 get 1 free" deal for $45 instead of just paying the $15 one time fee. It's a bit pricy, so we'll probably still bathe her at home, but it's nice to enjoy this luxury once in a while. 

As for Maya, of course she hated every moment of it...

Note to self: things I should bring with me next time, 1) a worn collar, 2) a Zoom Groom brush, 3) some yummy treats.

(Sorry for the blurry pictures. Cell phone cameras are not meant for this type of chaos.)

Not happy

Shampoo water

Blow drying after the bath

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