Sunday, July 1, 2012

Monthly Expenses: June 2012

Sigh, it's another month that went way beyond budget due to vet visits and trying out new supplements.

June 2012
  • Food: $19
  • Treats & Chews: $11
  • Grooming: $22
  • Vet & Medical: $187
  • Supplements: $194
  • Accessories: $49
TOTAL: $482
YTD TOTAL: $5,381


We got some duck wings, duck gizzards, beef liver, mackerels, and eggs.

Treats & Chews

Saw this huge bag of Carlson Morgan Beef Treats at Costco and I just couldn't resist.


Got a big box of baby wipes from Costco. This should last for a very long time.


We spent quite a bit on supplements this month because the doctor asked us to try a few different new things. We got a bottle of Nordic Naturals Fist Oil, Standard Process Canine Dermal Support, and Sun Ten Si Wu Tang. If we do need to keep her on those supplements, I should be able to find them online for a much cheaper price.

I also picked up a bottle of local raw honey when I came across a farmers market a few weeks ago. The owner told me I was the third person within the week that came shopping for honey for their dogs.

Vet & Medical

Most of the cost within this category is for the two vet visits, which were charged by time. The first visit was rather cheap, cause they only charged me for 15 minutes. However, the second visit took much longer. I'll make sure to talk faster and not interrupt the doctor next time... As per the vet's advise, we also bought a box of Claritin from the neighborhood drug store.


I got a Self Cooling Pad for Maya in the attempt to keep her cool. So far I'm pretty satisfied and Maya has been using it a lot. I'll probably write a more detailed review after I get to test it in some more extreme situations.

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