Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Perfect Math

I usually mix all the powdery supplements I feed Maya once a week, so I don't have open up so many bottles everyday. After mixing the powder, I would use a spoon to measure the total amount and divide it up for each meal. Sometimes I ended up with some tricky math problems, like "how to divide 18 tsp into 14 meals". I had found some creative ways to deal with it, such as using different size spoons, but I still often end up with uneven amount of powder for the last few meals of the week. It's not really a big deal, but just bothers me.

Today, I found a perfect solution! I can just add her THK dehydrated raw to make up the missing amount to the next dividable number. For example, adding 3 tsp to the 18 tsp of supplements, and now I can give her exactly 1.5 tsp per meal. Since it's only a small amount and I've already been sprinkling it on top of her meals, it won't make any changes to her diet. Why haven't I thought about this sooner?

Figuring out how to eat in the cone.

Maya's supplement "soup". Somehow she really loves it.

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