Monday, October 1, 2012

Monthly Expenses: September 2012

September 2012
  • Food: $39
  • Treats & Chews: $10
  • Vet & Medical: $156
  • Accessories: $40
TOTAL: $245
YTD TOTAL: $6,045


We got a 4 lb. box of the Honest Kitchen Zeal. It's the most expensive flavor from their product line, but I want to get something that doesn't have chicken, beef, or grains, and was left with not that many options. Thanks to the discount code from the House of Two Bows, I got a pretty good deal, but also kind of regret not getting a bigger box.

Treats & Chews

We got a pack of the Honest Kitchen Wishes, which is a bit disappointing. Maya loves the taste, but its a bit overpriced and crumbles too easily. I might try out Salmon Ears next time once we finish this box. Besides Wishes, she also got two Merrick Sausage Dog Treats, which I haven't let her try out yet.

Vet & Medical

Yay for no vet bills this month! We did have to get a new bottle of Claritin, but hopefully we can wean her off of it soon as well.

We've also decided to switch to Comfortis (chewable tablet) for flea prevention, because we've been bathing Maya almost every week and using a topical medication makes it less flexible. Since Comfortis requires a prescription, we took Maya to a weekend vaccine clinic to make the purchase and saved ourselves an office visit at the vet. Even though we were advised to give her one tablet per month, I'm planning to give her only half. She's only 20.4 lb. and the one we got is for 20.1-40 lb. (580mg), which is more than twice the dosage of the 10.1-20 lb. (270mg) tablets. We paid $156 for 12 month supply, but I was able to find a $20 rebate online. If the 12 tablets (expires in May 2015) can last 2 years, it'll be about $5.67 per month, which is less than using Frontline Plus.


Maya got a new harness and a new name tag. So far we are really satisfied with the purchase.


  1. I was wondering how you got your box of Zeal at such a good price! LOL.

    Elanco (Comfortis makers) lost my last rebate submission form, so I had to call and follow up. PITA. That's a first. =( I'm still waiting for the other rebate I submitted in August...

    It looks like the fur is already coming back on Maya's muzzle!

  2. Just be careful of splitting the Comfortis. The manufacturers themselves said that the ingredient in Comfortis is extremely sensitive to moisture and oxygen, so once the pill is taken out of the package it is only good for a day, or maybe a few days at most. The other half of the pill is definitely not good after a month. They said if you have two dogs which are the same weight, it is fine to split the pill and give them each half on the same day, but if you try to save the half pill, it won't be good anymore. You can try sealing it airtight in some aluminum foil, and try to see if she gets fleas, but be warned that the effectiveness might be reduced or it might not work.

    1. Thank you for the information. I'll definitely look into it a bit more.