Wednesday, September 26, 2012

ComfortFlex Sport Harness and Boomerang Tag

We've been using a harness to walk Maya more often in the past few months. Mostly because during her worst days, she would squat and start scratching randomly, sometimes in the middle of a crossroad, and we would need to pull her away, which we definitely don't want to do with a normal collar. However, we all hated her old harness. Not only it's hard to put on, it would keep sliding to the side. Maya also walks very funny whenever we put it on her.

After reading some reviews from other fellow Shiba owners, I decided to get her a ComfortFlex Sport Harness. We have been using it for a few weeks and really love it! It's easy to put on, secure, stays in place and looks really nice. The only complaint I have is the metal ring for hooking up a leash. Instead of being attached to the harness itself, it's placed on the handle strap, so when she runs off leash, the ring would flop back and forth on her back. 

One thing I don't quite understand is why most collars and harnesses don't have a proper place to attach a dog tag. I often have to be creative, because I really don't want to put on another collar just for the tag. I tried my best hooking it on, but it just doesn't look right. About the same time, Saya's owner got her a new tag from Boomerang Tags and it looks really nice, so I end up getting one for Maya as well. The order just came in, and the tag fits perfectly on the harness. (I should probably stop reading all these forums and blogs for my wallet's sake.)

Speaking of dog tags, I am pretty paranoid about making sure Maya has one on her whenever we leave the house. I remember I had a nightmare the day before picking her up. I dreamt of us taking her to the park to potty for the first time and she ran away from us, without a tag nor microchip. She's so tiny yet so fast and was gone in seconds. We lost our puppy within hours of bringing her back! After I woke up that morning, I almost forced my boyfriend to stop by the pet store to make a tag right away before heading to the breeder's house. Fortunately, Maya never attempted to run from us nor come close to slip her collar. Even if she gets lost, I am less worried nowadays, as I know she's more likely to run up to a stranger than try to hide herself. That's why I allow her to be naked at home. Yes, we live in an apartment and she would need to get through two locked doors and an elevator to get out, but who knows. I said I am paranoid, didn't I?

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  1. Love the new harness. :)

    I love the ID tags too They're pretty nice and decent price for what you get.