Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Homemade Raw - Week 4

The Plan:
  • Start Date: 10/30/2011
  • New Ingredients: Turkey, mackerel
  • New Supplements: Garlic
  • Meal 1: Ground beef + veggie mix + cod liver oil + uber powder + vitamin E, cooked eggs twice a week
  • Meal 2: Raw meaty bones (chicken or turkey)
  • Uber Powder: Vitamin C, kelp, alfalfa, Gentle Digest, Only Natural Pet Immune Balance
  • Veggie Mix: Baby carrots, apples, apple cider vinegar, honey, coconut oil

Day 1: Had her first mackerel for dinner. She really enjoyed it.

Day 2: Maybe because her dinners are really tasty, she starts to be picky about her breakfast, and it gets worse everyday. Will try to lower the amount of supplements in her breakfast and see if she like them better. Her poop was a bit soft in the morning, probably because of the fish. Was kind of hard to pick up, but not too loose or watery.

Day 3: Removed the veggie mix from her breakfast, and she seems to like it better. Fed her turkey neck for the first time for dinner.

Day 4: Gave her frozen veggie mix as treats and she enjoyed it better this way.

Day 5: Gobbled down a whole cooked egg with her breakfast. (I was only planning to give her half of it and eat the other half myself, but I made a mess removing the shell, so gave her the whole thing.) Got her second turkey neck as dinner.

Day 6: Soft poop again after eating the turkey neck.

Day 7: Ate a lot of new stuff today while we were slicing and bagging her meals so we gave her some extra chicken bones in hope her tummy won't get upset.

  • Veggie mix is officially not part of Maya's breakfast anymore.
  • As Maya's transition to raw is pretty much done, I'm going to stop posting these weekly updates.

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