Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Raw Meaty Day

Yesterday we went to sfraw for the first time to check out what they are selling. To be honest, I was a bit disappointed as many of the items listed on their website weren't available and the prices were kind of high. I was kind of sad because the one thing I really wanted was green tripe and they didn't have it this week. We ended up spending around $75 and got a huge bag of beef hearts, a big bag of duck legs, some chicken hearts and chicken bone-in cuts. On our way home, we also stopped by a Chinese supermarket and got some duck gizzards, chicken gizzards, pork kidneys and smelts.

The real "fun" began after we got home. We spent about two hours slicing and bagging the meat/organs/fish to meal size portions, labeling everything and fitting it all into our small freezer (while Maya sat there looking desperately at us). I hope these supplies will last for a while, cause I really don't want to touch raw meat again anytime soon.

Slicing up a huge beef heart

Bagged and labeled

Fitting everything into the small freezer


  1. Wow, I've never actually seen a whole beef heart. IT IS HUGE.

    I saw the alert about the freezer sale too, but didn't make it out this time. We're still working through a freezer of stuff ourselves, including the ostrich frames from Creston Valley Meats. Have you looked into them? Their prices are quite good, but they do compel you to buy entire boxes at a time. And if you want tripe, they ask you buy some bones off them too so that everyone gets a chance and they're not left with tons of bone. Which means you'll probably need an extra freezer to buy 30-40 pounds of raw at once...

    Yeah, I'm looking into it, too. ;)

  2. I've been checking out Creston Valley's website for a while and was quite tempted to try, but as you can see, our freezer is super packed now, so maybe next month. Getting an extra freezer did come across my mind a few times, but I haven't found a nice corner in our apartment that wouldn't look awkward with a freezer yet. Plus Maya's daddy isn't really fond of the idea either. Let's see how he feels when he starts to have less and less space for his food in the fridge, lol. :p

  3. Dang! I wish I could get whole beef heart, that thing is huge. I'm stuck with just chicken hearts and occasionally turkey hearts. I am surrounded by farms but have yet to find one who'll sell me the oddities. I can't even find whole raw fish here due to a lack of ethnic markets.