Saturday, November 26, 2011

Stella & Chewy's Freeze-Dried Raw

We took Maya on a 3-day road trip earlier this week. As I was preparing for the trip, I looked into various options for her meals on the road. It'd be too troublesome to bring what she eats at home or some premade frozen raw, so I decided to go with freeze-dried raw instead. I planned to get the Honest Kitchen's meals in their trial size packages, but unfortunately both stores I went to only have the 4 lb boxes, which is a bit too much given that we will only be traveling for 3 days. So I ended up only getting some THK samples and bought a bag of "Stella's Super Beef Freeze-Dried Dinner".

Overall, it's a of good quality and very convenient. I soaked the patties in warm water when I had access to it, or just added cold water when it wasn't available. It didn't seem to matter much to Maya though, as she gobbled it down no matter how I prepared it. I gave her a small piece dry as a treat and she enjoyed it as well. Her poop was also very firm while on the diet. (I did start giving her a small piece each meal a few days before the trip to let her tummy get used to it.)

The only compliant I have is the price. I was excepting something similar to frozen raw, which I thought is already very pricy, but this costed way more. For a 6 oz bag, I spent around $18, and according to the recommended feeding amount, it would only last 2 days for Maya's weight. (I didn't feed as much, and was able to cover 5 meals with 1 bag.)

Will I recommend it to others? Yes. If price isn't an issue, it's excellent for those who don't have access to a freezer but wants to feed raw. Will I buy it again? Maybe. I may get it if I go on another short trip or need to board Maya for just a few days. However, for longer trips/stays, I might go with the Honest Kitchen instead to save a bit on costs.

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