Friday, March 2, 2012

Fractured Tooth?

Maya might have chipped her tooth when chewing on the Himalayan Chew or antler yesterday. I noticed her constant licking and pawing at her face, so I decided to brush her teeth this morning. While brushing, there was this spot that made her almost jumped up when I reached in. Then she refused to let me touch her teeth nor open her mouth at all. I was hoping it was just some food stuck in there, but after lots of pampering, I finally got a good look, and it sure doesn't look good.

Sigh. I remember reading about the "when your dog made you cry" topic on the forums. This sure was the moment. I sat there and cried for a good 10 minutes while Maya was hiding from me cause she didn't want me to touch her. I know shit happens, but I still feel like killing myself at the moment.

After the emotional moment, I called the vet and it sounded like all they know is removing the tooth. I asked if it's possible to repair and they referred me to a doggie dental office. I looked up the dental office's review on Yelp, and it seems to be another specialist that totally rips off their costumers. I am at lost now...

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  1. *Huuuuugs*
    If Maya can do shopping on the street, she'll definitely buy you the shirt with "Best Mom on earth" for you and force you to wear it while you take her for the walks everyday!!! :)