Sunday, March 4, 2012

Maybe I Overreacted

I guess I overreacted a bit about Maya's tooth yesterday. I was extremely upset because it wasn't shit that just dropped on me, but something I could have prevented. Maya was making crunching sound when chewing on the Himalayan chew and at one point I did thought about taking it away.

Yesterday ended up to be a bad day for the entire family. Not only did we found Maya's broken tooth, my boyfriend also got into a car accident. Thank goodness no one got hurt and his insurance can cover most of the cost. I'm just glad that in both cases, the damages are fixable with a bit extra money. I guess that's what savings are meant for after all.

Just a bit rant on my end. I really wish the vet office could show a bit more sympathy when owners are freaking out. The doctors have always been warm and fuzzy, but that's only when you pay the ticket to enter the examination room. They always say "call us if you have any questions", but I was never able to get anyone besides the receptionist on the phone when I have questions. During this incident and Maya's upset stomach, which both could and could not be emergencies, all I can get over the phone was a cold "the doctor has to see her to give you answers" and "the next available open spot is X days later". What am I going to do NOW? How am I going to decide if X days later is okey or not? This is a place I spend hundreds of dollars per year, but even the strangers on the forums had been much more supportive. It's not like I want to be cheap and get free professional advices, I was planning to take my pet in right away if possible. I'm even fine if they charge me for the phone calls. I thought about going to a different vet, but after talking to a few neighbors with pets, it seems like this clinic is the best around the area. If the best is like this, I don't know what to expect from the worse ones.

As of Maya, she seems to do fine as long as we don't touch the tooth. She isn't playing as much, but eats and drinks as usual. Though she's really annoyed by me examining and cleaning her teeth a few times a day, she behaved very well and hasn't snapped nor even growled at all.

We decided to take her to a specialist first to get some professional opinions. If saving the tooth is an option, we'll probably do so, since it's the biggest tooth and kind of important. If it's not worth saving or too late, it's seems like most dogs can do fine without it. It sucks that no one works during the weekend, so all we can do now is to keep her mouth clean and hope for the best.


  1. Sorry to hear about the unlucky run. =( I'm glad your boyfriend was not seriously hurt. Hoping Maya is doing all right too. Keep us updated when you return from the specialist!

  2. Everything alright now? Glad to know Maya & her dad are both fine.. Be careful neh!!
    And don't blame yourself on this tooth incident; now you are more experienced so Maya is in a even better hand!:D