Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tooth Crowning

We took Maya to the dental office again today to put in the crown. Everything went smoothly and she was home in 3 hours. The total cost was a few hundred dollars less than the quote, mostly because both operations were done faster than they expected. While Maya's under, they also cleaned her teeth. Once again, the lady there was really nice and send me some photos. She even trimmed Maya's nails while waiting for her to wake up.



To my surprise, they also gave me the mold used for casting the crown. I guess it just takes up too much space for them to keep it anyways. In case Maya ever damages her crown, we can reuse the mold to make a new one. I hope that'll never happen though.

Maya: Even though I have a broken tooth and black eye (due to allergies), I can still pull off a great smile!

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  1. Wow, nice souvenir, and very interesting dental work! And Maya looks lovely as always. Her paws look super fluffy in the picture.