Sunday, April 22, 2012

GuGu's Visit

GuGu (姑姑) means "auntie" in Chinese, more specifically calling father's sister. My boyfriend's sister, aka Maya's GuGu, came to visit us over the weekend. Just like every guests who met Maya for the first time, she fell in love with her right away.

The weather was great and we spent a nice afternoon at Stanford Shopping Center and Stanford University. Among the stores we visited, the new Microsoft store earned the most dog-friendly award. They had a water bowl by the door, three staffs greeted us, and Maya even scored a cookie. Maya's GuGu was really surprised by how many people stopped us to ask about Maya along the way. 

We also got a cute little gift from Maya's GuGu: a shiba family mini-lego set! It took us about half an hour to put together the 120+ pieces. 


  1. VERY cool Lego set!!!

  2. What is the brand of that set? I absolutely love it!! :]

    1. It's called "Nanoblock". I wasn't able to find the Shiba set we got on their site though.