Saturday, April 14, 2012

Meetup at Hoover Park

Today we went to a Shiba Inu meetup at Hoover Park. I finally remembered to bring my (crappy point-and-shoot) camera this time. The action shots are still pretty bad, but at least much better than the ones taken by my phone.

Maya's litte long-coat cousin, Michi, who shares the same grandmother, is now almost one. You can definitely see the resemblance. She was a little fur ball when we first met her months ago.

Michi in action

Michi chilling

We also got to meet Bootz from the Shiba Inu Forum. Somehow Maya was really into Bootz's little sister Jackie. Jackie is a bit protective of her owners and would bark when other dogs come close to them. Maya found it amusing and would run over to trigger a bark and dash away. Sorry Jackie...

Maya harassing little Jackie

In the past few meetups, Maya was either bothered by allergies or too lazy due to the hot weather. She finally got more active this time and ran around for a full hour. She's been soundly asleep since we got back home.

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