Thursday, April 19, 2012


Not cleaning up after the dog is one thing, but leaving a bag of poop in the wild is just beyond stupid. Someone seriously think a plastic bag filled with poop is more eco friendly than the poop itself? If you don't have the decency to bring it back with you, stop bagging it! Kick it to the side, cover it with leaves, bury it with dirt, even leaving it in the middle of the trail is better than this...

It is not a one time thing like someone accidentally dropped it. We saw like 5 of these along the short hike and a pile of bags at the entrance of the park. This is one of the very few off-leash hiking trails in our area, and I would hate the see the authorities close it because of these stupid people.

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  1. LOL, I had almost the exact same post queued up, just never got around to posting it! This drives me batty. Beautiful, gorgeous scenery... ruined by some selfish, lazy person's colorful poop bag. I've heard people try to excuse it by blaming the trail for not having garbage cans, or claiming that they always pick it up on their way back. I call BS. I have NEVER seen anyone pick up a bag on their way back, like everyone "conveniently" forgets which one is theirs. And if it's really that much trouble to carry a plastic bag full of poop for the duration of their hike, then I kind of have to wonder what other kinds of "difficulties" such a person tries to avoid in their life...