Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I Don't Wanna Go Home

Whenever we are done with our daily walks and are leaving the park, Maya would often pull some "I don't want to go home" stunt on me. When she's a puppy, she would jump up and bite on her leash. Sometimes she would do her zoomies and run around me in circles. It usually ends shortly if I ignore her and just keep walking. 

Recently, she found a more effective method, and would just refuse to walk when we are at the park entrence. Even though she's only 20 pounds, it's really hard to move forward when she's determined to stay. I don't want to drag her or yank on the leash, because it could injure her neck. My solution is to pick her up in a rather uncomfortable way (don't want her to enjoy being carried), walk a few steps forward, and put her back down. Somehow once she's out of that particular spot, she would start walking again.

She would also point her tail down and make herself look like the most mistreated dog in the world...

I saw this picture before I got Maya and thought it was really funny. Now I know it's for real!

On a similar note, a few days ago, we were going through this daily ritual in front of a fancy building. When Maya finally started walking again, a lady came out of the building and told me "not to stop in front of their building in the future". I was like "WTF!? I don't think I need your permission to stop wherever I want!" She went on and on about how "I don't pee in front of your house, so don't pee in front of mine...", then I finally understood that she thought Maya was peeing on the pillars. After explaining what Maya was doing, she apologized and told me many dogs come potty in front of the building and she's the one who has to do all the clean up. Anyways, while I was scolded by a stranger, what was Maya doing? Wagging, begging, jumping, and doing whatever she can to draw the lady's attention. So that's how you protect your owner, huh!? 


  1. Conker gets the "picked up in an uncomfortable manner" treatment too. Since he is normally wearing a Ruff Wear harness that has a handle on it, I just pick him up like a piece of luggage. That usually gets more than a few laughs out of whoever may be watching.