Monday, February 18, 2013

Biking by the Bay

During our last trip back to Taiwan, we brought back two folding bikes with us. I enjoy biking, but riding on the streets has always been stressful, especially when we have Maya with us. Now we can put both bikes in the trunk and go biking wherever we want.

There are many nice bike trails along the bay with great scenery. Last week, we went to one that's less crowded and let Maya run beside us. She did pretty good this time, and ran for a few miles. (The first time we took her biking, she quit on us after a mile and Daddy had to carry her back.) Of course the yummy treats we gave her along the way helped a little.

I have to say, Giant bikes are awesome! It only takes about 30 seconds to fold or unfold, and it rides much smoother than the mountain bike I got for about the same price few years ago. While doing research, we saw a folding bike at our local bike shop, which costs almost twice the price, but not even half as nice. The bikes were nicely packed when delivered to us and were counted as two checked-in luggage when we flew back without any extra charges. For anyone traveling to Taiwan, it's definitely something worth bringing back.

Giant Halfway folding bikes

Fitting both bikes into the trunk

Maya running nicely next to her daddy

Best part of the trip: yummy treats!


  1. Oooh, I definitely think about bringing one back each time I go back, but then my suitcase ends up being so loaded up with books and media, and then I run out of money so I just say... next time! LOL. They really are made better in Taiwan though, aren't they?

    1. I'm no expert, but for what I'm willing to pay for a bike, they have the best value. They are also significantly cheaper in Taiwan.