Monday, February 11, 2013

While I was Gone

I have been on a few lengthy business trips since I started my new job in December and it was kind of hard for both humans. For me, I'm so used to staying home with Maya, it's weird to not have her in my daily routines. For Maya's daddy, it's his first time taking full responsibility of taking care of her, and it sure wasn't fun having to walk her early in the morning before work, and rushing back after work to take her out again.

As for Maya, she seems to adjust well without me. She went to a friend's house for a doggie party:

She somehow sneaked into a Japanese bento shop where she usually waited outside, because the owners wanted a Shiba Inu badly and was thrilled to meet her:

However, not all places were that welcoming, and she wasn't able to enter the Japanese garden:

Thanks to the technology, I was able to video "chat" with her every night. She wasn't able to recognize my face on the screen, but do response to my voice, especially to that "NO" when I caught her trying to steal a treat from the coffee table.

Nothing is more heart warming after a long flight home to see a pup dashing to the door, wagging her tail and jumping up and down. Since I got back, she has be extra cuddly as well.

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