Friday, February 3, 2012

Monthly Expenses: January 2012

Inspired by the House of Two Bows, I decided to start keeping track of our monthly pet expenses as well. January is always a good time to start this type of stuff, so the timing is perfect. Let's see how bad's the damage:

January 2012
  • Accessories: $24
  • Vet & Medical: $407
  • Training: $160
  • Food & Supplements: $9
  • Treats: $4
TOTAL: $604


Maya got a new Kong harness (but she hates it). It kind of shifts to the side, so I don't really like it either...

Vet & Medical

$360 was spent at the dermatologist for the office visit plus blood test. Another $47 for 30 Atopica pills, which hopefully can last us more than 3 months. Ideally, if we can keep the fleas away, this can be our last time going there. (Fingers crossed.)


Since we are starting agility training, this will be an on-going expense. We spent $40 for the evaluation itself, and $120 for the actual classes, which will last till the end of February. After that, it will be about $30 per week till I get tired of it.

Food & Supplements

We still have a lot stocked up, so we didn't spend much this month. I picked up some beef liver, pork kidney, and chicken gizzards while I was shopping at the Chinese supermarket. 


I was shopping online and needed another $4 for free shipping, so I picked a bag of Buddy Biscuits dog treat. It tastes really good. Even Maya's daddy, who always gives all dog treats a try, likes it.


  1. I'm not looking to Conker's vet visit in March. He needs a rabies stabbing, and if they give it, parvo/distemper but no others. I won't do more than two in a combo. He could also use a heartworm test. Plus his Luxating Patella needs a professional examination.
    I don't think it'll cost too much (about $170 at most maybe?) but I don't want to have "the talk" with the vet about what I feed him.

    1. Yep. I think from now on I'll just tell the vet I feed her pre-made raw or THK. It's kind of tiresome to make them understand I know what I'm doing.